Carol Just Us in PA - 4/10/99


Barb Georgia Gloria Maggie

Maureen, Liz, Patty, Teresa, Pam and Patti

"We Will Survive" - Georgia, Regina, Liz, Maralyn and Pam

Georgia and Joni Darlene

Jane and Dale

Gloria, Diane, Georgia, Darlene, Maggie, Jennifer, Pat, Jenifer, Regina and Joni

Barb, Regina, Joni, Maralyn, Janice, Pat, Georgia, Darlene, Evelyn and (seated) Jennifer

Jennifer, Terry, Joy, Marie and Pat

Syracuse Race for the Cure May 15, 1999

Georgia and Regina with "Just Us" group on hats

Georgia, Regina, Kathy and Marge


National Race for the Cure, Washington, D.C. June 5, 1999

Patti and Regina

Tipper Gore addressing the survivors

I was one of 67,000 people in D.C. An exhilarating experience!

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